Deer Creek Business







      When we purchased this company in the summer of 1997, we committed ourselves to a couple of key ideas.  The first was to continue and even improve upon the tradition of high quality standards for our UPLANDER and HOUNDSMEN DELUXE dog boxes and houses.    For over 20 years, these products have led the industry in design innovations for the comfort and well-being of your prized hunting dogs.  Already, our experience level in engineering, sourcing, and fabrication has resulted in a finished product which is even better than before.  In December of 2016, the company was purchased by QC Supply out of Schuyler, Nebraska. QC is a leader in the livestock and poultry supplies.  Their website is to view their products and see where the nearest location.

     We are big enough to maneuver in a competitive market place, yet small enough to not lose sight of the value of our customers, employees, and community.   Doing dog shows, setting up relationships with a whole new group of distributors, rising to the challenges of meeting individual needs for customer designed boxes and simply spending time on the phone with an interesting and varied group of people, isn't a bad way to spend your work week.  We look forward to working with you too!!!!!

Our business is conveniently located just 1 hour 15 minutes north of Indianapolis, or 8 miles south of Logansport, on State Road 29.  We are 1 block east of the church in the small town of Deer Creek on 445N/Hopewell Cemetery Road.   There is a large brick church at that intersection.  Look for the set of  dark gray pole buildings on the north side of the road.  We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time Zone with lunch from 12-12:30.  Appointments can usually be made for weekend pickups with advance notice.  To mapquest: Our address is 7051 E. 445 N., Camden, IN  46917









TOLL FREE PHONE: 888-294-6582

FAX: 574-859-3551