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Pneumatic Lifts

Makes opening a snap and holds lid up in the strongest wing.

Weathertight Lid

Built to keep your gear dry.  Continuous hinged & sealed with key locking closure.


Allows box to slide over wheel well to give full advantage of truck's width.  Available without knee if truck allows.

Smooth Aluminum Outer Skin

Painted aluminum exterior.  Provides an attractive & durable outer surface.  We offer a choice of 6 colors plus diamond treadplate.

Loading Handles

Handles are positioned on the boxes for optimum balance when loading the box on & off the truck.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are jail-house type doors made with 1" x 2"  aluminum extrusion and round aluminum rod.  These doors are now made in house, and are very sturdy.  They come standard with a gate latch that can accommodate a padlock or snap. T-lock key lockable handles are now available for an extra charge. 












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Tailgate Storage

In 1987 Houndsmen Deluxe was the first to offer this convenient storage option.  Even now, it continues to be the best selling model on the market.  Your gear is easy to reach & you still have plenty of room to store your hunting neccessities.

Full Top Storage

Maximum storage capacity with removable compartment divider.  Most models are  fully carpet lined to better protect your gear.

Slider Vents

Give each dog compartment adequate, controlled cross ventilation.  No cute slots or punched holes to starve air.

Drawer Box

Great for sport utility vehicles (SUV's) or capped trucks.  Standard styles available with 1 drawer and 2 or 3 dog compartments.

Ultimate Dog Comfort

Can be assured with the addition of our aluminum weather shield set.  Made to slip into a track on the inside of doors for extra protection in inclement weather. These come standard with most boxes.

Double Wall Construction

Most of our boxes and houses have double wall construction.  3/4" foam insulation is standard on all of our UPLANDER dog boxes, and is an option on some of our HOUNDSMEN boxes.