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  ORDERING & SHIPPING INFORMATION                        

We make every effort to insure that your order is shipped with the proper packaging to have it arrive safely.  However, during shipping, some damage is possible.  We have no control of how the shipment is handled by the carrier during transit. It is your responsibility to inspect the box upon arrival and to note any damage on the receiver bill of lading.  We can assist you in filing a claim or give you estimates for repairs.  If item is received damaged beyond repair, it can be refused at the time of receipt if noted "Refused because of damage".  The freight company will then return the box to us for replacement or repairs at no charge to you.  If you receive the box and do not note any damages, the shipper will not pay for any repairs or replacement and the responsibility for repairs falls to you. If you are not present at the place of receipt, please make sure whomever you left in charge of the receipt is aware of his or her responsibilities.  If item was shipped via UPS, please make sure to keep all packaging materials in case of a required UPS inspection.

Shipments are best made to a business that can receive freight regular hours during the work week without an appointment.  Residential deliveries,  restricted deliveries, or notifications  can add from $137 up to an already high shipping bill.  Residential deliveries must be aware that they have to be present to receive the shipment and get it off of a semi truck themselves.  Drivers are not required to help unload.  

The customer is responsible for measuring and making sure that the item you order will fit and work in whatever you are putting the unit into.  With so many different new truck configurations, bed liners, bed rail attachments, mats, trailer rails, kennel sizes, we can not be responsible for making sure your order fits unless you measure carefully and note any possible areas of problems or confusion.

We cannot be responsible for destructive dogs, and what they may do to our houses or boxes.  If you think your pet may be destructive, we can offer several different things you can do to help protect the house or box such as lining the interior, or making the corner pieces heavier aluminum.  Please let us know if you think you need those features. 

On custom units, we will require a drawing or picture with the specifications you are looking for.  Final orders will be sent to the customer for signature before custom work is started. 

As always, the customer is ultimately responsible for determining the suitability of any particular unit for your animals.  We have no way of knowing all of the conditions you will encounter while using your product as to length of trip, size and numbers of dogs, climate conditions, etc.  

Payment with personal checks or money orders will require that the check clear before work is done.  Credit card orders are put into the production schedule immediately and charges are processed at that time. If you have a debit card with a daily maximum, the charge can be run thru in 2 transactions.  Please inform us at the time so we can be prepared.  

Lead times vary with the seasons and usually run from 2-8 weeks.  Lead times are higher on custom units. 

If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-294-6582 or email us at  and we will be happy to assist you in any way.  We do not take any web orders to help insure that you are ordering the proper unit for your dogs and that we know everything to help you make an informed decision. 

We have a vast assortment of materials and can make virtually anything that you can dream up.  We are only limited by the size of the materials that we can purchase.  Our employees have years of manufacturing experience and also years of dog ownership. 

Our goal is for you and your dogs to be happy with your purchase.


Your new Deer Creek product will last for years with little maintenance.

If you have a storage unit, the keys are located in the right hand dog compartment screwed to the upper wall to keep them from getting misplaced before purchase.

The outside surfaces might be painted or non-painted aluminum materials. Rubbing compounds and typical auto waxes ARE NOT recommended. The aluminum surfaces are too soft and will leave swirls. Cleaning of the outside surfaces is more suitable to warm water and liquid dish soaps.  

Outside tread plate surfaces (embossed diamond pattern) may be cleaned in a similar fashion. There are a number of paste and liquid solutions found at auto care centers that maybe used as well. Nevertheless, warm water, soap and Windex type cleaners still offer a good cleaning. Make sure to use soft cloths and not paper towel or scratchy cloths which can leave swirls.  

The interior of the house/box may be cleaned with mild soap and water if you wish. Leave the box open and able to dry thoroughly. Some persons choose to drill drainage holes in the floors, but tipping the crate over and allowing it to drip dry works every bit as well. Harsh solutions, bleaches and cleaners, must not be used. Bleaches and household cleaning products will seep into the aluminum extrusions or the outer aluminum covering and cause corrosion and blistering of the aluminum itself. (It is noted that male dogs who might urinate on the exterior, as well as within the interior, of the crate can cause the same blistering corrosion if not cleaned on occasion). Do not allow water or wet bedding to remain in the house/box especially if you have purchased an insulated floor. Keeping silicone around the insulated floor will help protect from foam getting wet. Keep the silicone fresh on frp lined houses also. Make sure to keep dog houses elevated off the ground to allow air movement under the house floor. Paving blocks, bricks or composite materials can be used. Do not use treated wood products close to the aluminum as it can cause corrosion where it touches. Floor sealing products should not be used with aluminum. If you hose under the house, make sure to let the floor dry thoroughly. Always make sure bedding is clean and dry, especially during winter months or very wet weather.  Wet bedding can cause condensation problems within the house and make the dog uncomfortable.


If you have any questions at all, please call us at 888-294-6582 or email us at



On all products with welded treadplate lids or recessed paddle lock lids, there can be problems with mis-alignment of the u-bolt assembly after some amount of time from the jarring of the box within the truck bed or flexing of the box within the truck bed.  Periodic repositioning of the striker may be necessary. If the latch is out of alignment it can cause difficulty when closing and latching the lid.  If the u-bolt does not strike the latch in the place necessary for the closing and latching of the lid, the u-bolt can be adjusted with the adjustable nuts on the assembly.   The u-bolt striker should strike the latch just at the nose of the latch. 









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