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Pet-Agree feeders are the ultimate in convenience and dependability for the care of pets.  
We make our feeders with quality, galvanized steel and are machine riveted for a long life. Our feeders (except for 6#) feature a swinging door that automatically closes when the pet's head is withdrawn.  Magnets on the sides of the lip help hold the door closed. The door protects against birds, flies, and rain.  Pet-Agree is built with quality craftsmanship and materials and are available in 6#, 15#, 25# and 50# sizes.   Last but not least, our feeders are made of 100% galvanized steel because . . . DOGS EAT PLASTIC !!!!!!!!

Feeders are available by U.P.S. shipment.

6# feeders are great for kittens, puppies, quail, coon, any small animal (have no swinging door) 12"w x 6"l x 11"h

15# feeders  12"w x 10"l x 16"h

25# feeders 12"w x 10 1/4"l x 23"h

50# feeders 12"w x 13"l x 32"h (this item is oversized for UPS shipping)

We can ship individual feeders UPS/skids are truck freight

CALL FOR SKID PRICING/INFORMATION-skid quantities are 6# (54), 15# (48) 25# (36), 50# (18)

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